Causes of Knee Pain and How to Heal it?

Knee pain – ouch! It can really hurt and can make a hell out of your life. In the initial stage, stiffness in the knee might be your first hint. It may have started with sensation in the knee joint, kneecap, cartilage and ligament. Knee pain doesn’t limit itself to old age people. Nowadays even a youngster with limited walking and exercise can experience this. It is not necessary that heavyweight person is more to these pains, a lightweight person has also become patient with knee pain.


There are many reasons contributing to the rising of this condition. It can describe in major three categories:
● Dislocated knee
● Bursitis
● Meniscal Tear
● Patellar tendinitis
● Osgood- Schlatter disease.

Knee pain doesn’t limit itself to an active person or sports person. Even white color job people working hours in front of the computer with limited walking or exercise can experience this.


The knee is a very critical part of the body. It is always in its operation and any minor damage can cause pain and injuries. Knee pain cause due to tears in the soft tissue of lower femur.

Repetitive motion or exercise can be another reason for the damage to the ligaments and it can lead to severe pain.

Excess weight can put extra stress on knee joint. The main reason of osteoarthritis is obesity, it can breakdown delicate cartilage of the joint.


Knee pain depends on the level of pain you are feeling. If the pain has been present for few days or couple weeks, you may need to refer to one month course of Orthayu Balm. Orthayu Balm is a perfect blend to help relieve knee pain. The effective herbal oils that have medicinal and ayurvedic properties which can ease the knee pain and aid in healing. Notice the balanced blend of herbs and oils are very effective to help cure of knee pain. It reinforces the healing process that occurred during exercise and obesity.

One important point to notice is when one muscle gets damaged; there is an effect on the mechanics of the rest of the foot (heel, hips, and back). Many practitioners often recommend for knee replacement. But Orthayu can reduce strain on the injured muscles to promote healing, it is scientifically designed to target knee pain muscles.

Orthayu has been made with the help of science of Ayurveda and combination of Ayurveda herbs. Orthayu limits unnecessary stretching of the tissue and helps alignment between the knee and its muscle for better results. It is very important to use OrthAyu Balm for a long course of time to determine its features in knee healing. You might find it helpful to apply this balm three times a day.


If you feel stiffness too much during walking and you have tight knee movement, you may need to use a medicine that holds your knee and whole leg in special care to help your muscle to heal.

In our talk with an Ayurveda Doctor, he states: “There are many ointments (or Balm) are present in the market- which may have side effects. However, Orthayu ointment is the best blend of ayurvedic herbs and oils. All you need to use it daily three times a day for 8 weeks to show its benefits or even a longer period for best result”.

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