Best Ayurvedic Alternative for Ankle Pain

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There are about million people who are relied on painkillers and I was also one among of them. My name is Prithviraj Rangari from Mumbai. I love playing badminton and I represented in the various national cricket tournament. I was at peak of my career and soon my home was full of trophies and medals. But in one tournament I had an ankle sprain in my left foot and it was a hell of the painful experience. I had visited a lot of ankle specialist, but none of them improved my situation.

My Painful Journey:

Soon I was into depression because the purpose of playing sport was one because I enjoy playing badminton and another was to join Indian Railway via Sports Quota but after that accident, my dreams were shattered. I was almost about to lose hope in my life. But my grandfather suggested me to try for ayurvedic treatment. Since Ayurveda is an ancient Indian form of treatment which believes that an injury occurs when there is a disruption in between ‘vata’ (movement’s energy), ‘pitta’ (metabolism’s energy) and ‘khapa’ (body structure formation’s energy).

Curing a Joint pain with Ayurveda:

Firstly, my Ayurveda doctor suggested me to follow the following activities to improve healing process of my ankle sprain:
• A cold compression with ice on affected muscle for 5 to 10 minutes a day.
• Eat soaked almonds to build energy and tissue in the body.
• Massage the injured area with almond oil, garlic oil or the mixture of honey and lime juice.
• To heal the pain, apply the paste of butter and lime leaves.
• A hot compression of chopped onions and sunflower oil on the affected area.
• Drink hot water daily to remove toxins from the body.

But all this process will take a longer time and who I wasn’t fully confident that it is going to help me soon because I wanted to have a perfect alternative to an ankle sprain.
One day I was searching online for some better ayurvedic treatment for joint pain and I have come crossed on ‘Orthayu’.

Why Orthayu?

Orthayu is an Ayurvedic relieving Balm, it helps to achieve prolonged relief from pain. Orthayu does not have any side effects and it is made of 100% pure Ayurvedic herbs and oil. Orthayu is a classic remedy for any joint ache; Orthayu is balm which comprised of following herbs:
• Pudina Satva
• Gandhpura Oil
• Nilgiri Oil
• RiceBran Oil
• Castor Oil
• Linseed Oil
• Lemon Grass Oil
• Ajowan Satva

Orthayu is a complete solution for all kind of joint pains and ache. It gives you benefits of all required oils and herbs because it has a perfectly balanced combination of herbs which effectively acts on joints and muscles and eliminate pain and reduce swelling, strengthening bones and improve blood circulation.

Orthayu Balm is easy to use, all you have to apply on the affected area for 3 to 4 times a day (especially during the night) on the affected area and massage it softly, it penetrates the affected area instantly and absorbs easily.

Balanced exercise along are also an important part of ankle sprain treatment, it helps to retain new nerves and help you to regain complete control around the joint. But Orthayu ointment is an essential part of the ayurvedic treatment of my ankle sprain and because of Orthayu Balm now I am once again able to play badminton, though it’s been few weeks I am back on the badminton court, I am confident that I will be able to win some more medals very soon.

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