Orthayu: Best Solution for Joint Pain

Hello Readers,
My name is Ejaz khan living in a small village located near Lucknow, U.P. I am just like another normal person of my village who worked day and night in his land to earn some money so that I can provide food and shelter to my family and education to my children. Now feeling so proud my children are now settled in a good place and leading a full of happy life. Now, I am in that phase of my life, where your own body becomes the biggest headache.

When did it start?

It was the year of 2006 when I had road accident and my doctor advised me to have two-week bed rest. But after that, I always felt pain in my knees. After consulting with my relatives gave a visit to a local doctor who gave me some painkillers and advised me some exercise and continued his medication for almost one year but the knee pain was getting worse.

Later, I decided to visit a famous doctor in Lucknow. It was a big decision of my life because it was about to cost a fortune for me. After asking some money from my relatives, somehow I arranged all the required money and then my treatment started. At first, my doctor assigned one physiotherapist. After 1-hour session daily for 2 weeks I started feeling better, I observed some improvement in my knees. Since it was a costly procedure I was unable to continue the therapy.

The Middle Crisis

I started feeling that all my money went to waste and the knee pain was getting worse. Later, my family and I decided to have an ayurvedic treatment. Asked some of my friends to suggest me some good ayurvedic oil, but even after using it for one year, I noticed no improvement. My pain gets so bad that it spread to my back, I was unable to walk and I was unable to use the washroom. My life just turned into hell, and the whole day I was laying in my bed.

The Perfect Solution: Orthayu

One night, I was watching one advertisement about an ayurvedic balm: “Orthayu“. It was informed in the advertisement that Orthayu is a balanced and blended mix of high quality of essential oils which is one of the best solutions for joint pain. Orthayu balm has ingredient all that is required like Gandhara Oil, Nilgiri Oil, Pudina Satva, Ajowan Satva, Rice Bran oil etc. I called on their mobile number, and their expert team first listened about all my medical history and after that they suggested me to use Orthayu ointment on my knees and back for 3 times a day and especially before sleeping. It was instructed to massage it lightly on the affected area, so that muscle absorbs the balm deep into the affected area.

I started applying Orthayu daily as per instruction and I maintained a normal healthy and proper diet along with it. After One month course, I observed the slight improvement in my knee pain, but my back pain went off totally. Again I called the same expert team; they suggested me to continue for at least three months.

As days passed by, I was once again able to walk with the help of the walking stick and I was once again able to use washroom properly. It was all possible because of Orthayu Balm. After 90 days of treatment, my knee stiffness was gone and I found 95% relief from pain and other symptoms. I am extremely thankful to Orthayu ointment and expert team for their continuous efforts which changed my life.
Thank you Orthayu, for making my life better.

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