My Personal Story: Living with Arthritis

Hello friends,

Let me share you my personal story about how I dealt with Arthritis at a young age.

It was just a normal day in my office and I was sitting with my laptop trying to work. My hands were feeling a different kind of pain. It started slowly from my fingers and into my wrists later moved till my elbows. I took a short 5-minute break, rotate my wrist and did a little exercise. After 10 minutes, again I felt the same pain. Soon it was getting irritating because I wasn’t able to focus on my work. The whole day I felt pain in my hands and I was getting worried how I am going to complete my project. Next day, I went to a doctor who ran some test and later he told me that I got Arthritis. While I was only 27 years old and I am one of the million people living with arthritis.


Arthritis is an autoimmune disease when your own immune system sees your body as a threat and attacks as your body is some kind of virus. The immune system attacks the joints and breaks it down over time causing pain, swelling and deformation in hands lead to wearing down of joints. There are many types of it; here is the most common type of arthritis:
1. Osteoarthritis
2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
3. Psoriatic Arthritis
4. Juvenile Arthritis
5. General Arthritis


It’s been six years when I started my battle against my disease, along with the diagnosis MRIs, X-rays, blood test, which cost me a huge amount of money. I began to accept the fact that I am facing the same pain that my grandparents were suffered. The major problems that I faced during those days were:
• Feel pain and stiffness un wrist joint, had swelling in my hands
• My appetite went down and my digestive system went into the crash and I lost weight by huge amount of kilograms.
• I was feeling fatigued and I was feeling problem in breathing.
• My eyes were not working properly; I was unable to see long sights.

Orthayu: Ayurvedic Diagnose for Arthritis

My parents suggested me to give a try for Ayurvedic treatment. One day, I was taking rest at my home; one advertisement was coming on television. It was about Orthayu which is made up all essential ayurvedic herbs which can solve problem-related to arthritis. One the very same day, I paid a visit to an ayurvedic doctor who very well knows as a specialist in my town, at first he ask me about all my medical history and after observing everything, he suggested me the same Orthayu Balm, about which I saw an advertisement on the television. My Ayurveda doctor explained to me how Orthayu is saving people’s lives, it effectively acts on joints and muscles and eliminates the pains and swelling. It cures your immune nerves near the affected joints and sends them a signal that this is not a threat to your body.

Orthayu Ointment is a perfect solution for Arthritis whether it is Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid, Psoriatic, Juvenile or General Arthritis. I am not sure how effectively, it will improve your situation, but one thing about which I am sure is it will definitely make your life easier.

Orthayu balm also cures joint pains, swollen joints, relieves sprain, painful muscles, and stiff joints. It’s a 100% Ayurvedic Balm with no side effect and your body will absorb it very fast. Since one year I am using Orthayu continuously and every month I am seeing myself in a better version of myself. I will highly recommend my readers and friends to try Orthayu for at least three months to show its full results.

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