Change Lifestyle and Avoid Arthritis

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Change Lifestyle and Avoid Arthritis

Nowadays, women start suffering from rheumatism at a young age. Irregular eating habits, sedentary lifestyle are also the reasons behind this disease. Change Lifestyle and Avoid Arthritis is the key. Learn how to achieve this.

Atmospheric pollution, smoking, lack of healthy diet can lead to arthritis. However, arthritis can be prevented by consuming antioxidants as well as green leafy vegetables. Meals need the right amount of protein (about one gram per kilogram of body weight). In addition, vitamin D and calcium are needed.

What to avoid ?

Exercises like jogging and rope jumping should be avoided if you have arthritis of the knee. Cycling and swimming exercises are good for the knees. People with rheumatoid arthritis should exercise as much as they need to. Exercise is good for strengthening muscles. This stabilizes the knee joints and is beneficial if the right slippers are used.

The benefits of exercise are for the whole body. Many people walk as an exercise. But, they completely ignore the upper part of the body. Excessive use of the same type of joint leads to early stress. So all parts of the body need to get the same exercise. Stretching is an important form of exercise that is commonly overlooked. Regular stretching maintains balance in the joints. To avoid the risk of injury, it is important to warm up before starting exercise; but be careful not to injure the joints while doing so.

Change habits

Women with arthritis benefit from improved lifestyle. People with rheumatoid arthritis suffer from sitting on the ground, climbing stairs, using Indian style toilets. Use a commode instead. Although the drugs do not repair the damage to the cartridges, they do reduce pain and swelling. The pain subsides. They can also be protected by improving the efficiency of the joints.

No drug can regenerate cartridges. Some injections lubricate the knee joints and reduce pain. As a result, the wear and tear of the joints can be reduced and their life can be extended.

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